Portland Now

Portland enjoys a legacy born of its past as an independent river port town. It hugs the banks of the Ohio River on the western edge of downtown Louisville’s business and industrial district. With its river connections, multi-cultural history, and immigrant spirit, Portland’s close- knit community of extended families are centered around parks, churches, and locally owned businesses.This historic and friendly neighborhood provides –

  • affordable, architecturally distinct homes
    with deep yards to remind you there’s still a little bit of small-town living in the city. Many Portland homes are shotgun houses. Louisville has the 2nd largest inventory of shotgun houses in the nation – they make up 10% of Louisville’s building stock.
  • easy access to both sides of the river, as well as downtown Louisville.
  • social and economic diversity with a place for everyone.

These features – and big-hearted, hard-working people – come together to make this an at tractive and proud place to call home.

It is for these features that renewed interest began in Portland around 2010. New small businesses, residents and entrepreneurs have begun to take an interest in what the neighborhood has to offer. Additionally, Louisville Metro has begun to provide incentive funding and tax structures to encourage new initiatives.


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